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children of winter, unite

(via snow-porn)

Ski/boarder Questions A. Ski or board? Board
B. Do you know any pros? no
C. Home mountain? Bogus Basin
D. Goofy or faky? Faky
E. Best Trick? backside 3
F. Park, race, freeride, etc? freeride, park
G. Powder or groomers? both
H. Favorite Apre Ski Beverage? pabst
I. What kind of skis/board do you ride? K2 
J. Smith or Oakley? Oakley
K. How many days did you get last season? idk
L. Favorite ski/board movie? art of flight
M. Any Sponsors? nope
N. Ski or Snowboard girls/ guys?  huh??????
O. Do you ride with any boarders if your a skier, or and skiers if your a boarder? yes
P. Favorite Pro? shaun white
Q. What do you listin to to get you pumped up or while you ride? all night long by 3LAU
R. Solo or with friends? friends
S. In bounds or backcountry? both
T. Helmet or none? depends
U. Favorite place to ski? so far brundage would love to go to park city or mammoth
V. Dakine, Osprey, Etc? Dakine
W. Ever skipped school to go skiing? not yet
X. Do you work at a ski area? no :(
Y. Ever tried skiing/boarding? yes
Z. Favorite winter related story? idk